I am an environmental economist at Fondazione CMCC and EIEE, and a lecturer at Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia


Originally from Bangladesh, I studied in the US before moving to Italy for my PhD. My research investigates the impacts of climate change on labour, inequality, human health, food security, energy supply, and migration/displacement using micro and spatial econometrics.

My work contributes to;

  • advancing knowledge on socioeconomic impacts of climate change

  • identifying hotspots and vulnerable population

  • supporting the design of tailored policies to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts   

Teaching is a passion! I teach statistics, economics, and econometrics courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

I am a voracious reader (I read almost anything) and an amateur photographer. I took the cover picture on top of the page - Isole San Giorgio Maggiore from the top of San Marco bell tower!

I love traveling with my wife! Currently, we are making our way through northern Italy - one small town at a time. 

I am always looking to collaborate! If you are interested, please contact me.